Raidsonic IB-NAS-4220-B

I'm not extremely happy with this product, it is slow (even as it has a Gigabit LAN port) and there are more problems with it.


  • Users
  • philipp, admin, guest-share
  • File Server Settings
  • encoding: CP1250 (central european)
  • workgroup: HOME, description: philipp-nas
  • share management
  • public: writable by philipp and admin (Win/SMB)
  • printer server: off
  • lan settings:
  • hostname: IB-NAS4200-B
  • ip: static
  • time server: ntp (
  • dhcp server: off
  • bonjour: on
  • disk utility: FS: ext2, spindown: 5min
  • raid setting: raid 1

installation of the ssh server

  • get the package ssh and streamripper from or from
  • put the .tgz / .zip package into the folder /mnt/md1/public/applications/new_software/
  • enable the ssh server in the web configuration dialog
  • restart the box

install more basic packages

Get "Local Apps" and "userscript" from

install afp support for Apple Shares

  • install package avahi (zeroconf or bonjour clone)
  • install package afpd
  • change the host name posted by avahi modifing the following lines in /mnt/md1/public/applications/avahi/conf/avahi-daemon.conf:
    host-name=philipp-nas and domain-name=HOME.

configure afpd

using the tutorial on

Change /mnt/md1/public/applications/afpd/conf/afpd.conf:

password -passwdminlen 4 -passwdfile /mnt/md1/public/applications/afpd/conf/afpp
- -noddp -uamlist, -guestname guest -savepassword -passwdminlen 4 -passwdfile /mnt/**md1**/public/applications/afpd/conf/afppasswd -defaultvol /mnt/**md1**/public/applications/afpd/conf/AppleVolumes.default -systemvol /mnt/**md1**/public/applications/afpd/conf/AppleVolumes.system -uampath /mnt/**md1**/public/applications/afpd/conf/uams/

Change /mnt/md1/public/applications/afpd/conf/AppleVolumes.default:

/mnt/md1/afp_guest adouble:v2 allow:admin,guest cnidscheme:last
/mnt/md1/public adouble:v2 allow:admin cnidscheme:last
/mnt/usb2/timemachine adouble:v2 allow:admin cnidscheme:last
/mnt/md1/tmbackup adouble:v2 allow:admin,philipp,philippklaus cnidscheme:last
/mnt/md1/nas adouble:v2 allow:admin cnidscheme:last

Add user philippklaus in the common web configuration panel

Recreate the password file using bin/afppasswd:

cd /mnt/md1/public/applications/afpd/bin
rm ../conf/afppasswd
./afppasswd -c -p ../conf/afppasswd
./afppasswd -a -p ../conf/afppasswd admin
./afppasswd -a -p ../conf/afppasswd philippklaus
./afppasswd -a -p ../conf/afppasswd philipp

Installation of a newer avahi package and a firefly server

Adding a serial Port