record what your screen displays... with recordMyDesktop

recordMyDesktop is a commandline tool, written in C, that can be used to create a screen cast. Very useful tips can be found on:

There are two frontends for recordMyDesktop, written in Python:

  • gtk-recordMyDesktop (pyGtk) and
  • qt-recordMyDesktop (pyQt4).

The installation of gtk-recordmydesktop on Ubuntu works as follows:

sudo aptitude install recordmydesktop gtk-recordmydesktop

Example use of the CLI:

# this saves the video in you home directory as "foo.ogv":
recordmydesktop ~/foo.ogv
# only the specified area will be recorded:
recordmydesktop -x X_pos -y Y_pos -width WIDTH -height HEIGHT -o foo.ogv

End the recording using [Ctrl]-[C] in the terminal. You can find more startup options in the man pages.

convert the .ovg OGG-videos

For uploading to Youtube or compatibility to Windows you may want to convert the files from the ogg format to avi or flash (.flv):

convert .ogg video to AVI

mencoder -idx input.ogv -ovc lavc -oac mp3lame -o output.avi

convert .ogg video to Flash-video (.flv)

ffmpeg -i input.ogv -b 384000 -s 640x480 -pass 1 output.flv

alternatives to

  • wink: Includes possibilities to annotate the capture and convert it to a flash movie.
  • vnc2flv (written in python)