DD-WRT on the ASUS WL-500G Premium v1 WiFi Router

WOL – Wakeup Computers via LAN

to wake up the computers on the homenetwork use the following commands (execute on the router) connect to the router first:

ssh root@your.dyndns.org

And wake up the computer with the network interface with the MAC 00:11:24:xx:yy:zz (assuming it is in the network

/usr/sbin/wol -i 00:11:24:xx:yy:zz


The Broadcom chip BCM94707 is built to run at 300 MHz. You can overclock it without problems to 280 Mhz which speeds up the web interface.

nvram show reveals all NVRAM variables and their values. The default value for clkfreq is 264.

ssh root@
nvram set clkfrq=280,150
nvram commit

The firmware seems to refuse overclocking in case the fsb is set to 133Mhz. so it is set to 150. If you plan to the Broadcom chip at 300 MHz please mount a cooler on top of it.

Add a Serial Port

using the builtin serial port (which is a console for the kernel)


Serial is located on pin soldering points (J5, ready for soldering of 8-pin connector for use with detachable cable) on the centre of the right upper side (viewing from front panel) under ventilation holes. At right from these points, you can see printed pin descriptions:

 rst o o
 gnd o o vcc
 tx1 o o tx0
 rx1 o o rx0

The exact names are RESET, GND, 3.3V_OUT, UART_TX1, UART_TX0, UART_RX1 and UART_RX0.

Pin 1 (with the square solder pad) is UART_RX0.
These serial ports use TTL levels. You need an additional voltage convertor to get a standard serial port. The parameters are 115200 baud and 8-n-1.

By connecting a USB-Serial Converter based on the PL2303 Chip

http://www.dd-wrt.com/wiki/index.php/USB → pl2303

What you need on the Router (after every boot):

ipkg update
ipkg -d ram install kmod-usb-serial-pl2303
insmod pl2303.o