Series60 Remote

__update:__ now there is a .deb package! go to downloads and get the .deb

cd ~/Downloads
sudo dpkg -i series60-remote*deb

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sudo aptitude install python python-obexftp python-matplotlib python-bluez python-qt4 python-qt4-sql sqlite3 libqt4-sql-sqlite
cd ~/Downloads
tar -xf series60-remote-0.3.90.tar.gz
cd series60-remote-0.3.90/

You can test the installation before you install it:

cd pc

If you want to install the application just run

./ install

This will create the folders /usr/lib/pythonX.Y/site-packages/series60_remote and /usr/share/series60-remote and a wrapper script in /usr/bin/series60-remote on Linux.

If you want to change these folders you have to use the --prefix argument (for example: ./ install --prefix=/usr/local )

The needed files on the mobile phone can be transferred during the first run of the software.

The database is stored here: ~/.config/Series 60 - Remote/messages.db