AqBanking CLI

AqBanking is used as a backend for gnucash and therefore very mature. It features a CLI to query CSV files of transactions and more.

There is a newer blog post on this subject: AqBanking CLI on Mac OS X with ING DiBa via HBCI

Installation on Ubuntu 10.10:

sudo apt-get install libaqbanking29 libaqbanking-plugins-libgwenhywfar47 aqbanking-tools libaqbanking-plugins-libgwenhywfar47 libchipcardc2 libaqbanking-doc

import settings from v.2 or v.3 to v.4

aqbanking-cli updateconf

or configure setup dialogue:



initialize the database

aqbanking-cli dbinit


aqbanking-cli transfer -b 28250110 -a 1234567890 --rbank=28250110 --raccount=1234567890 --rname="Heinz Ketchup" -v "12,34:EUR" -p "VERWENDUNGSZWECK1" --usedb

display all transactions

aqbanking-cli dblisttransfers --exporter=csv --profile=full

just display those with status 4 (received by the bank but not finished yet)

aqbanking-cli dblisttransfers --exporter=csv --profile=full -q "\$status==\"4\""

ask for the new transaction in the transactions

aqbanking-cli request -b 28250110 -a 1234567890 --transactions --usedb