Feb 092010

To dump / backup your IMAP Mail Folder to a local directory, there are some projects in the Ubuntu repositories:

looked for last changes on 2010-01-10

not yet in the repositories

more found on http://www.linux-france.org/prj/imapsync/README → SIMILAR SOFTWARES :

http://isync.sourceforge.net/ http://www.chrisstreeter.com/archive/2009/04/305/gmail-imap-backup-with-mbsync-on-ubuntu

latest version may be on http://tamale.net/imapbackup/ or on http://the.taoofmac.com/space/Projects/imapbackup

MboxDump http://wiki.e-shell.org/IMAPFolderBackupTool

The solution I took was offlineimap as it looked pretty mature to me and as development on the project continues.
I describe my setup of offlineimap here.

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