My Recommended Firefox Plugins

All of the following Firefox addons can be found directly on the Mozilla Addons Site.

Extremely useful, improving your browsing experience

  • Adblock Plus This a great plugin to get rid of annoying ads of any kind on the web. It works against popups, flash banners, animated gifs any other text ads (Google AdSense) etc. Install it, and sign up for a list of filtered website elements with one click - done!
  • Mouse Gestures Redox Open tabs, close tabs etc. with (right click-activated) mouse gestures.
  • NoScript For advanced users and those who care about security: This addon blocks JavaScript by default on any website. You must allow JavaScript on any website to enable interactivity. This makes it extremely hard for hackers to exploit JavaScript vulnerabilities (provided you are careful what domains you allow).
  • Tree Style Tab Everyone who uses a large number of tabs frequently will be delighted of how intuitive and simple it is to navigate the web with this plugin. Instead of tabs on top of the website you will have a new bar (besides your bookmark bar, if you have it enabled) and organises the open taps hierarchically.
  • Xmarks may be replaced by Mozilla Weave Has been my favorite to automatically sync bookmarks and saved passwords (securely) until now. Worked without any problem! But as Mozilla launched Weave, I might switch over to this one:
  • Weave This is a Mozilla Foundation-made plugin to synchronize multiple Browser installations on different devices (desktop, notebook, smartphone).
  • DownThemAll! If you ever were in a situation where you had to download tens of PDFs from one site you would have loved that plugin! It is a great way to simplify the downloading of any content (filtered by filename for example).

For web developers

  • Firebug This is your look inside HTML pages and JavaScript for website development. It is the greatest tool ever to find out how your CSS styles are applied, why your JavaScript does not work or how your HTML tags are stacked.
  • Live HTTP headers View your HTTP request and the servers response in the Firefox sidebar using this plugin.
  • Page Speed is an open-source project started at Google to help developers optimize their web pages by applying web performance best practices.
  • The Web Developer extension adds various web developer tools to a browser.

Cool, only a bit useful, stuff for geeks or nerds

  • Vimperator If you use the text editor vi you might love this plugin. If you don't know vi, don't take a look at this plugin, or you will be hopping mad.
  • iMacros This is a nice automatation plugin. It allows you to record and play back Firefox macros. If you know Javascript you can also script more advanced scripts for iMacros (like element extraction from a lot of websites etc.)
  • Greasemonkey This is an advanced plugin that lets you change the way websites behave or look by adding or applying javascript to it. On you find a huge number of little java script files (you can install with one click in Greasemonkey. They get active on certain domain names and can perform actions like adding download links to youtube sites etc.

Photo: gerdi, „Sonnenbad“
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