Read and Redirect Local System Mail to `/var/mail/USERNAME`

Read Local Emails Using Evolution

  1. Start Evolution
  2. Edit → Preferences → Add
    (replace "USERNAME" with your login user name):
  3. Name: USERNAME@localhost
  4. Fullname: USERNAME
  5. Server type: Local Delivery
  6. Path: /var/mail/USERNAME
  7. Sending Mail: sendmail

Read Local Emails Using mutt

start Mutt using


you will end in the mbox dir /var/mail/USERNAME. After reading the messages, they are copied to ~/Mail/mbox.

Redirect Emails for the root User to a Local User Account

At first you need a dir with all of root's old mail already in it.

cd /var/mail
sudo cp root username
sudo chown username username
sudo chgrp username mail

That creates a mailbox for your username with the appropriate user and group permissions. The contents of the mailbox are a copy of root's mailbox.

Now, it's time to forward all of root's incoming mail to your inbox:

sudo gedit /root/.forward

Put this line in the file: