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Bind Multiple IPs To One Physical Interface on Linux

In advanced computing you may encounter situations where you want to bind multiple IP addresses on one physical network interface. This post describes how to do it with Ubuntu Linux (should work with Debian too).

Temporarily with ifconfig

This method is temporary only as the additional IP address will be gone after...

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Automatically Update Packages on a Ubuntu or Debian Server

To automatically install updates on Ubuntu / Debian you can install the package cron-apt:

sudo aptitude install cron-apt

In /etc/cron-apt/config you can set up your email address for notifications by setting the value for MAILTO.



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Backup of Webserver

The backup of a webserver is not always as straightforward as the backup of your computers at home or just a single website etc. This blog states how I do it.


### set to the server address of your server:

## login as root...

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Usage of a Ramdisk on Linux

The older approach involves the creation of an ext3 filesystem on /dev/ram0 (a part of the RAM):

sudo mke2fs -t ext3 -m 0 -q /dev/ram0
sudo mkdir -p /media/ram0
sudo mount /dev/ram0 /media/ram0
sudo chown USERNAME /media/ram0
sudo chmod u+rwx /media/ram0

The newer and easier method to create a ramdisk is to make...

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Convert Certain Tags to Categories / Delete Certain Tags using SQL

ATTENTION! Do not follow this advice! It is of no use, now that I found the converter for Tags ↔ Categories: Categories to Tags Converter Importer!!!

Sometimes you give posts a tag but realize later it should rather be a category.

What you can do to convert a certain tag –...

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Create A Page That Lists All Tags That You Use on A WordPress Site

Create the file all-tags.php in the theme folder suffusion:

 * Template Name: All Tags
 * @package Suffusion
 * @subpackage Templates

<div id="main-col">
  <?php suffusion_page_navigation(); ?>

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Container Virtualization using LXC on Ubuntu

LXC (Linux Containers) is an operating system-level virtualization method for running multiple isolated Linux systems (containers) on a single control host. LXC does not provide a virtual machine, but rather provides a virtual environment that has its own process and network space. It is similar to a chroot, but offers...

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(Automated) Manual Backup of a WordPress Blog (Including the Database)

I wrote my own shell script to create a backup of this WordPress blog as I was not happy with the ready to use backup plugins for WordPress such as wp Time Machine.

The script creates two files during the backup process. One that contains all the files in...

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Private Subnet with Ubuntu as Router

Suppose we have the following setup:

  • A Computer with Ubuntu installed and two physical network interfaces (might also be virtual, but that's advanced)
  • We have an internet connection on this computer set up and working. Internet traffic goes out (and in) on the network interface eth2
  • We want to create a private subnet
  • The...

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Prevent RSI – Enforce Breaks When Working With Your Mac

  • AntiRSI. Donationware.
  • MacBreakZ. Full version costs 24.95 EUR.
  • Time Out Free. It can be found on the Mac App Store. Version 2 Pro (soon to be released) will not be for free.



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Good Drupal 7 Modules

These Modules are promising (but not all very stable yet):

  • User Restrictions. Watch this module, it might be the one of choice in a few weeks for user restrictions. Alternatively ACL with Flexi Access. Per node permissions can be set. Drawback (of either ACL or Flexi...

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Web Based Open Source Genealogy Software





On Ubuntu:

  • Install package geneweb
  • Read /usr/share/doc/geneweb/index.htm
  • Run gwd, the geneweb daemon



more resources


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Sending Emails on the Command Line

sendEmail (supports TLS)


echo "To:
Subject: Your Subject

testing" | sendmail -t


echo testing | mail -s "Your Subject"

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Problems with a Drupal 7.0 installation when changing the Bartik theme: PHP safe mode

If you get an error message like the following when changing the color scheme / color set of the Bartik theme in Drupal 7 you might have PHP Safe Mode enabled.

* The specified file themes/bartik/logo.png could not be copied, because the destination directory is not properly configured. This...

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Safe Modifications on WordPress Themes using Child Themes

All you have to do is to create a folder for your child theme in wp-content/themes/ and in there create a style.css file like this one (Template):

 * Theme Name: Suffusion modified by Philipp Klaus
 * Template: suffusion
 * Description: a customized version...

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Chinese OCR

OCR for Windows

OCR for Mac OS

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Table of Contents for WordPress Blog Posts with Markdown Markup

The TOC Generator Plugin does not work as it searches for HTML headings before the markup (in my case Markdown) is applied.

Markdown supports the [TOC] tag starting with Markdown version 2.0; untested though. Source: contains python source code for this.

More untested solutions include:

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Clear inactive memory on Mac OS X

The purge command clears the inactive memory on Mac OS X. Simply run the command with no parameters:




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Backup saved passwords in Ubuntu

To make a backup of the saved passwords in Ubuntu just make a backup of the folder ~/.gnome2/keyrings/. This is where Gnome stores its password keyrings (named something like somename.keyring).

You can also export all your passwords from the Gnome Keyring using the python module keyring as described in <a...

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Fix a problem with NX on Ubuntu 10.10 with the key d (inadvertently minimizing the current window)

Go to System → Preferences → Keyboard Shortcuts and set the shortcut for Hide all normal windows and set focus to desktop to something sane like Alt + D

update 2011-07-13: This happened again when I used Ubuntu 11.04 inside a NX session on a Mac OS X host computer. :(



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Zombie Processes on Linux

Find zombie / defunct processes:

ps -ef | grep -i defunct

Kill them:

sudo ./ --admin

where is the following bash script by Markus Gattol:

#! /bin/bash
# Zombie processes killing script. Must be run under root.

case "$1" in

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Get rid of an additional password prompt after Gnome login to unlock the default keyring when you changed your login password

If you get a password prompt like the following when logging on to Gnome on Ubuntu Linux your login password might differ from your keyring password file (~/.gnome2/keyrings/default.keyring):

An application wants access to the keyring 'default' but it is locked.

So to get arround this and have the default keyring...

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Samsung Galaxy S i9000

*#1234# reveals the installed version: PDA: I9000ZSJF7, PHONE: I9000ZSJF7, CSC: I9000ZSJF7

Firmware Upgrade

resources as of 11/2011:


German (links on

resources as of 01/2011:

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