Good Drupal 7 Modules

These Modules are promising (but not all very stable yet):

  • User Restrictions. Watch this module, it might be the one of choice in a few weeks for user restrictions. Alternatively ACL with Flexi Access. Per node permissions can be set. Drawback (of either ACL or Flexi Access): Permissions are user based and not role based.
  • Breadcrumb: no release yet.
  • Pathauto (needs Token). Great Module! Automatic paths for forum posts are not perfect yet:
  • Administration Menu: Better than the builtin Drupal 7 admin menu. Remember to uncheck the Toolbar module or you will see both: the builtin and the additional module.
  • Backup and Migrate is a great tool to automate the backup of the Drupal 7 database!
  • XML sitemap helps you to feed the structure of your side into search engines. As the last stable release is a bit old (~9 month) and my drupal 7.0 installation is just 10 days old, I installed the version from the dev branch (5 days old).
  • Global Redirect forwards you to the correct URL when you access a site via its node/123 address if it has an alias (as Drupal itself does not remove the old node path).

Other modules that i haven't tested but seemed to be of interest:

  • Devel To gather information on the speed of site creation etc.
  • reCAPTCHA makes it easy to prevent spammers on the site. Drupal 7 version not ready yet.
  • For detailed statistics of the site access you can use external statistics tools using the modules Google Analytics or even better the module Piwik for the open source Piwik suite.