Safe Modifications on WordPress Themes using Child Themes

All you have to do is to create a folder for your child theme in wp-content/themes/ and in there create a style.css file like this one (Template):

 * Theme Name: Suffusion modified by Philipp Klaus
 * Template: suffusion
 * Description: a customized version of the Suffusion theme.
 * Author: Philipp Klaus
 * Author URI:

@import url("../suffusion/style.css");

Differences When Using The Suffusion Theme
For the Suffusion theme you need to be more careful (because of the modifying settings to the theme).

With suffusion of version 3.7.5 and above don't include lines like @import url("../suffusion/style.css");.

Change the way Images For the Posts are Being Looked For – An Unsafe Modification (Directly Modifying a Suffusion Theme File)

An unsafe modification that I feel, I have make is this: I comment out these lines in the foreach ($sequence as $position) { loop of the function function suffusion_get_image($options = array()) { of the file wp-content/themes/suffusion/functions/media.php:

<? [...]
                    //case 'attachment':
                    //      $img = suffusion_get_image_from_attachment($size);
                    //      continue;
                    //case 'embedded':
                    //      $img = suffusion_get_image_from_embedded_url();
                    //      continue;

The problem is that I do not want attached or embedded images being automatically displayed as featured image for a Wordpress post. The problem has been discussed in a thread on the Suffusion support forum. Unfortunately the Suffusion theme allows only to set the order in which the theme searches for other places for an image, not the possibility to disable one or two of these. The problem with the automatic image detection is that images could appear twice on the homepage if they are the first element of your post and you write a custom excerpt that hasn't got the image.