Sketch of an Advanced HDD / Partition Setup with high availability (mdadm software raid), encryption (dm-crypt) and high flexibility (lvm volume management)

Recently I found an interesting comment on an article about Fedora 16 maybe using btrfs as default file system: The author Vanger explained his current hard disk / partiton setup on a server and how he hopes to get a more efficient system with btrfs. More than the outlook at the btrfs future I was stunned by his current setup that I try to present in this image:

He combined mdadm, dm-crypt and lvs to have a server system with the following properties:

  • high availability by the use of a redundant array of disks (raid)
  • encryption of the content stored on the HDDs using the Linux kernel based dm-crypt.
  • high flexibility resizing partitions and extending them using the Logical Volume Manager lvm.

The boot partition is not encrypted but also on a raid1 system for high availability.

I found this setup to be a great example of how one can combine different technologies to a powerful setup. I don't know how fast it is but I think it's a rather robust and flexible approach.