Mobile IPv6

Mobile IP / Mobile IPv6 / mip6d seems to be quite dead at the moment:

  • Have a look at the dates of the drafts of the IPv6 Mobility working group:
  • As Martin F. Krafft says in th section Mapping names to laptops of its IPv6 with Debian blog post, "Debian’s support for Mobile IPv6 is severly lacking" and is pretty outdated.
  • The site doesn't work any more...


  • Get yourself an AYIYA tunnel from SixXS for your mobile devices! This way you stay connected under the same IP regardless of your current location. <!-- Also in the blog post by Martin F. Krafft:
  • Replace the stateless configuration (radvd) with stateful configuration using DHCPv6.
  • Unite cable and wireless into a bridged interface. -->