Mount SSH filesystems on Mac OS X via SSHFS with or without a GUI / Programs for (S)FTP

Mount SSH filesystems

My personal favorite: Fuse4X

Use with this distribution of SSHFS:

See my dedicated blog post on SSHFS on Mac OS X 10.6.8 with Fuse4X!

Deprecated Option: MacFUSE sshfs using command line

First install MacFUSE.

Then get the sshfs binaries:

cd ~/Downloads
svn co sshfs-binaries

Now you are able to mount remote folders to a local directory. Here is an example command line:

cd ~/Downloads/sshfs-binaries
./sshfs-static-leopard ~/mountpoint -oauto_cache,reconnect,volname=somename,defer_permissions

The defer_permissions option is very useful as you automatically have write access if the remote user would be able to modify the content of the directories (but your local wouldn't). I found the hint here.



Cyberduck ( is a great tool to connect to remote filesystems. It doesn't mount them but it is very helpful in most situations.


MacFusion is a GUI for the use of the use filesystem tool macFUSE. It leverages the use of the command line tools such as sshfs-static-leopard. At the moment you need a trick for it to work:

cd /Applications/
mv sshnodelay.so_bak


For FTP and SFTP connections there is Filezilla. Even better though: Cyberduck. A quite old alternative is Fugu.