P-Rocket XM-L 850+ Lumens Compact LED Flashlight

I bought this P-Rocket XM-L 850+ flashlight from ShiningBeam and it is really good and bright. This blog post serves as a reminder of its specifications and about the compatible batteries.

Possible Batteries

2x CR123A

Common Name Other Common Names IEC Name ANSI/NEDA Name Typical Capacity (mAh) / Nominal Voltage (V) Terminal layout Dimensions Comments
CR123A Camera Battery, 123, CR123, 17345, 16340, CR-123A CR17345 (lithium) 5018LC (lithium) 1500 (lithium), 700 (Li–ion rechargeable) / 3 (lithium), 3.6 (Li-ion) + Nub cylinder end, − Flat opposite end H 34.5 mm, Ø 17 mm A lithium primary battery, not interchangeable with zinc types.
A rechargeable lithium-polymer version is available in the same size and is interchangeable in some uses.

or 1x 17670 or 1x 18650

Most common name Other common names Typical capacity (mAh) Dimensions (max) Diameter x Length (mm) Comments
17670 1250 17 x 67 2 times the length of a standard CR123A.
18650 168A 2200–3000 18.6 x 65.2 This cell type is used in many laptop batteries and the Tesla Roadster.


  • Features a premium cool white Cree XM-L T6 emitter, 1A bin
  • 850+ LED lumens on high mode
  • Square threads for smooth battery installation
  • HA III anodizing
  • Comes with tactical momentary-on switch and regular switch
  • Voltage input 2.8-6V
  • Compatible with 1x18650, 1x17670, and 2xCR123A
  • 3 Modes: Low > Mid > High
  • Current output: 140mA on low, 1000 mA on medium and 2800 mA on high
  • Regulated circuit for constant current output
  • Built in Voltage protection, will cut off at 2.8V
  • Reverse-polarity protection prevents wrongly installed batteries from damaging the circuit
  • It can tail stand
  • The memory feature will memorize the last mode
  • Toughened ultra clear glass lens with 98% transmission rate
  • Extra thick body for good heat dissipation and excellent durability
  • Orange peel reflector for smooth output beam pattern
  • Comes with accessories: holster, 1 spare tactical switch, lanyard, O-rings, and G.I.T.D tailcaps
  • Dimensions: 140 mm x 34 mm x 24 mm (5.51 in x 1.33 in x0.94 in)
  • Weight: 119 g (4.20 oz)


  • Recommend not to run over 15 minutes continuously on high mode when using 2xCR123A
  • Do not run it with 2xRCR123A rechargeable Li-ion

More on the used LED:

color cct range min ... max Base order codes min luminous flux @ 700 ma (lm) Group ... Flux (lm) order code
cool white 5,000 K 8,300 K T6 280 CREE XLamp XM-L LED Data sheet 2011-06-06XMLAWT-00-0000-0000T6051