Samsung Galaxy S plus GT-i9001


The specifications can be found here.


The battery that comes with the i9001 is the EB575152LU. It is stronger than the EB575152VU that came with the i9000 (you can use these too):

Type Energy
EB575152LU 1650mAh
EB575152VU 1500mAh

Installed Firmware ROM

When you enter *#1234# in the phone mode, it reveals information about the phone and the installed firmware ROM. This is what my phone showed when I bought it:

PDA: I9001XXKG3, PHONE: I9001XXKG3, CSC: I9001DBTKG1, Build Info: Mon Jul 25 15:15:05 KST 2011

Root the Phone


  1. Download
  2. Boot into recovery mode
  3. Apply update: select

Recovery Mode

A post in XDA Developers's "Easy ROOT/UNROOT from Recovery Mode":

  1. Turn off the phone
  2. When it is fully turned off press the power and volume up button at the same time.
  3. When you see the Samsung logo, wait another 3 seconds and then release the buttons.
  4. The Galaxy S logo should appear just as usual but after that a picture with an ''android out of the box'' appears.
  5. Press the menu button (the button left to your home button!!) and the ''android out of the box'' should turn a bit grayish.
  6. Wait until the recovery screen pops up.

If you press the volume+, the home button and the power on button, you may get a screen saying RAMDUMP MODE Cause: Force Upload. So just press the volume+ and power buttons only. After that release the butons after 3 seconds when you see the Samsung logo.

Download Mode

Just as with most Samsung Android phones, press the volume down button and the menu button when the phone is powered off. While keeping these buttons pressed, press the power butten in addition and wait until the download mode is started. Your device is then ready to be connected to your computer.


You need the USB driver for SAMSUNG (the same as for the i9000 or the i9003 Samsung Galaxy phones). You can get the driver and ODIN itself (for example v.4.43) from (Password is or

Newer ROMs (Samsung ones)

I flashed this one: I9001ZSKP6 07.11.2011 Android 2.3.6 using Odin 4.43 (with this .ops file: AriesVE.ops). Seems to be pretty stable up to now.

Custom ROMs

Unfortunately I couldn't find any custom roms for the mobile handset so far (2011-10-22). If you know any, please post a comment and let me know.

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