REINER SCT cyberJack RFID komfort

The REINER SCT cyberJack RFID komfort is a smartcard and RFID card reader popular in Germany as it supports the German identity card and its RFID technology. Here are my notes on the device, some tweaks and how to use it.

Current problems

As of 2011-12-28 I'm having a couple of problems with the device:

  • The electronic money system Geldkarte does not work right now as this needs the SECODER certification which will take some more months.
  • OpenSC seems not to work with this card reader
  • The OWOK loginCard that came with the device is almost useless:
    • winlogin does not work with that card
    • The online service is useless as it wants to get to know my login information for other sites in clear text. This is a no go!
  • The German national ID card (Personalausweis) can only be used on a very small number of websites.
    • The corresponding German software tool AusweisApp is not available for Mac OS X so far.
  • We will see if I will be able to access an OpenPGP card with the cyberJack.
  • WebSign with Deutsche Bank (HBCI with SmartCard) doesn't work on Windows 7:
    "Auf das Chipkarten-Lesegerät konnte nicht zugegriffen werden! Bitte installieren sie ggfs. Ihr Chipkarten-Lesegerät neu." (German error message)

OpenSC-Compatible Alternatives

User Manual


Check here for newer versions.

Mac OS X Driver


Check here for newer versions.

Command Line and Open Source Tools

Encrypting Data using Smartcards