Installing iRoot from TATA Institute on Mac OS X

iRoot is a product of the India-based Neutrino Observatory collaboration lead by Prof.Naba Mondal at the Tata Institute of Fundamental Research.
It is a simple plotting and analysis tool based on the popular ROOT from CERN and is primarily intended for analysis using the TTree structures in ROOT. iRoot is supported by a user-friendly GUI designed using Qt.
If your data is stored in TTree stuctures and you want to perform simple analysis with your data without writing any piece of code, iRoot is for you. It has GUI interfaces for most of the jobs that one is most likely to perform with TTree data. Fitting, analysis with PROOF, converting TTree data to ASCII, uploading plots to the cloud etc., are some attractive features to mention.


  • You need ROOT Cern.
    Check this post for instructions on how to install it on Mac OS X.
  • You also need Homebrew to install the Qt libraries (or install them manually, I prefer installing it via Homebrew though)


# → Get the Qt libs:
brew install qt
# this is depending on how you installed ROOT beforehand:
. /opt/local/root_v5-32-00/bin/
# OK, now we're ready to get the source of iRoot and compile it:
cd ~/Downloads
hg clone
cd iroot

Using iRoot

Start iRoot on the command line (see above) or copy the application bundle Downloads/iroot/ to your Application folder.

# ↓ this is depending on how you installed ROOT beforehand
. /opt/local/root_v5-32-00/bin/
# ↓ depending on the location of your iRoot installation: