Installing Pulseaudio on Mac OS X 10.7 Lion via Homebrew

The following steps didn't work for me (I could compile pulseaudio but it crashed when loading Apple's Coreaudio support or it wouldn't contain CoreAudio support). So I decided to use the Solution via Soundflower and esound described below the pulseaudio section.

As long as this pull request is not part of Homebrew I tried this way to install Pulseaudio on Mac OS X 10.7 and it works for me:

brew update
brew install


Alternative: The other formula ( can be installed as follows (but doesn't support Apple's CoreAudio):

brew remove pulseaudio
brew update
brew install

The Alternative: Use Soundflower and esound

You can use Soundflower and esound on Mac OS X to stream to Pulseaudio: PulseAudio: streaming iTunes from the mac to linux

  • Soundflower provides the means to grab the audio output as an input.
  • esound grabs that audio input and sends it to the Pulseaudio server.

So first you have to install Soundflower, then choose it as input and output in the Sound system settings panel. Then run this on you Mac:

esd -tcp -bind ::1 & sleep 5 && (esdrec -s ::1 | esdcat -s $PULSESERVER)

Start playing something back. You should hear it on the equipment connected to your Pulseaudio server.