Sony PRS-T1


CPU RAM WiFi Screen
800MHz Freescale MX50 ARMv7 256 MB Atheros AR6003 6" 800 x 600

The display in detail: A 6" E Ink Pearl with IR touch technology, 4bit greyscale color depth, 600 x 800 pixels, thus 167ppi.

I rooted my device as described in the MobileRead Wiki and I have the Android Marketplace on it. However, after all, the built in PDF reader software works best for me with its autocrop capabilities.

Going back to stock using a hard reset

Use this procedure as a factory reset does not always help.

Here is how the factory reset works:

  1. Switch the reader off: Press and hold the power button until the Device Shutdown screen appears.
  2. In the Device Shutdown screen, press Yes.
  3. Press the power button again to turn the reader back on.
  4. While the screen displays opening book..... , simultaneously press and hold down the Page Turn (Next) (second from left) and Back (second from right) buttons.
  5. Allow the Home screen to fully load (Loading... should no longer flash in the top left corner of your screen). Then Release - Press - Release the Back button only and then Release the Page Turn (Next) button.
  6. In the Would you like to execute Factory Initialize screen, press Yes .
  7. Press the power button again to turn on the reader. The reader will be set to factory settings.