New Focus Picomotor Ethernet Controller 8752 – TCP/IP Control

We use the modules 8752 and 8753.

List of commands

Common Commands

Syntax Command Manual Page
AIN <device> <channel> Read/Display Analog Input 61
DEF Load Default Parameters 62
DIAG <driver> Display Diagnostics Byte from Device 62
IN <device> <channel> Query State of Digital Inputs 89
LOCK Lock Out Other Input Devices 63
MAP <joystick-device>=<driver> Set/Display Device-to-Joystick Mappings 64
OUT <device> <channel>=<value> Set Digital Output 65
SAV Save Parameters 65
UNLOCK Unlock Other Input Devices 66
VER Query Firmware Version 66

Picomotor Control Commands

Syntax Command Manual Page
Set Absolute Position 67
ACC [<driver>] [<motor>] Query Motor Acceleration 68
ACC <driver> <motor>=<value> Set Motor Acceleration 69
CHL [<driver>] Query Motor Channel 70
CHL <driver>=<motor> Set Motor Channel 71
DRT Query Driver Type 71
FIN <driver> Find Index Mark in Forward Direction 72
FLI <driver> Find Forward Limit 72
FOR <driver> [=<value>] [G] Set Direction to Forward 73
GO [<driver>] Start Motion 74
HAL [<driver>] Stop Motion Smoothly 75
MOF [<driver>] Disable Motor Driver 75
MON [<driver>] Enable Motor Driver 76
MPV [<driver>[<motor>]] Query Minimum Profile Velocity 77
MPV <driver> <motor>=<value> Set Minimum Profile Velocity 78
NOS <driver> Disable Closed-Loop Mode 79
POS [<driver>] Query Motor Position 79
POS <driver>=<value> Set Motor Position 80
REL <driver> <value> [G] Set Relative Position 81
REV <driver> [= <value>] [G] Set Direction to Reverse 82
RIN <driver> Find Index Mark in Reverse Direction 83
RLI <driver> Find Reverse Limit 83
SER <driver> Enable Closed-Loop Mode 84
STA [<driver>] Query Device Status 84
STO [<driver>] Stop Motion 85
TYP [<driver>] [<motor>] Query Motor Type 85
TYP <driver> <motor>=<type> Set Motor Type 86
VEL [<driver>] [<motor>] Query Motor Velocity 87
VEL <driver> <motor>=<value> Set Motor Velocity 88

Joystick Control Commands

Syntax Command Manual Page
JOF Disable Joystick Control 90
JON Enable Joystick Control 90
OUT [<LED>] Query State of Digital Outputs 91
RES FINE Set Velocity to Fine (250 Hz) Speed 91
RES COARSE Set Velocity to Coarse (2000 Hz) Speed 92

Ethernet Connectivity Commands

Syntax Command Manual Page
HOSTNAME [<name>] Set/Display Hostname 95
IPADDR [=<addr>] Set/Display IP Address 95
IPMODE [=<mode>] Set Display/IP Mode 96
NETMASK [=<addr>] Set/Display Network Mask 96
GATEWAY [=<addr>] Set/Display Gateway Address 96
DNSSRVR [=<addr>] Set/Display DNS Server Address 97
PASSWD <value> <value> Set Password 97
ECHO <port-name> <setting> Set Port Echo 98
MACADDR Display MAC Address 98

Quick'n'dirty example using netcat

pklaus@chr-HP-EliteBook-2530p:~$ netcat 23
Version 1.6.0
A1 M0=32000
A1 M1=32000
A1 M2=32000

Python Code