Agilent XGS-600 Vacuum Gauge Controller

Product Description

The XGS-600 Gauge Controller accepts any of three different kinds of gauge cards which, between them, operate all Agilent vacuum gauges. Choose from

  • Convection gauges such as thermocouple or ConvecTorr
  • Hot filament ion gauges
  • Inverted magnetron (cold cathode or Penning) gauges

Up to six cards can be installed in the XGS-600 Controller, in practically any combination to suit your particular application. Everything else is standard equipment. This yields maximum flexibility for matching the system to your vacuum measurement requirements. The XGS-600 Gauge Controller allows for simultaneous operation of up to 12 gauges and can display readings for up to 8 gauges at any one time. All settings are stored in flash memory, so no worry about reprogramming after a power outage.


  • Simple user interface
  • Intuitive screen functions
  • Capacity, flexibility, expandability
  • Intelligent design, functionality
  • All delivered in a compact half rack unit

Possible Cards to be Used with the Device

The gauge port slots can be equipped with the following cards:

  • HFIG (hot filament ion gauge),
  • IMG (inverted magnetron gauge),
  • Dual Convection Gauge card.


Serial Communication

  • ASCII protocol: RS232 and RS485, no parity
  • BCD protocol: RS232
  • RS485 address range: 00 - FF
  • Baud Rate: 9600 or 19600

See the table A-11 on page A-11 (table A-9 on page A-8 in the PDF) of the users' manual for the serial connector pin assignments: Function | Pin # -------------------------------|------ +RS485 XFD (DIFF INPUT/OUTPUT) | 1 TXD OUTPUT RS232 | 2 RXD INPUT RS232 | 3 NOT USED | 4 GND | 5 NOT USED | 6 NOT USED | 7 RTS OUTPUT RS232 | 8 -RS485 XFD (DIFF INPUT/OUTPUT) | 9

Set up the connection parameters as follows:

Connection Baud Rate (as set on device) Data Bits Stop Bits Flow Control Terminator
RS232 9600 or 19600 8 1 None CR

ASCII Serial Commands

See page B-1 (page 61 in the PDF) of the users' manual for the serial commands available.


  • The official product page
  • Sensor Board Replacement for the XGS-600 Gauge Controller, Field Instruction Sheet
    Gives detailed instructions including a picture on how to replace the sensor board for the XGS-600 controller.
  • XGS-600S: Tilt Stand Kit, Field Instruction Sheet
    Gives detailed instructions including pictures on how to install the tilt stand kit for the XGS-600 controller.