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Pollin Wireless Power Sockets with the Arduino

This blog post describes my project to control a cheap wireless power switch from the German electronics distributor Pollin (Funksteckdosen-Set mit 3 Steckdosen, order no. 550666, 9,95 €) via the Arduino / the RPi.

How The System Works

It uses the common chip HX2262. The RF module sends on 433.92 MHz.

The encoder chip is quite similar to the LP801B, HX2262, PT2262 and M3E. The datasheet of the PT2262 explains the wireless protocol.

How to use it with the Arduino

Get the library rc-switch, install it and use it like this:

// Use the example 'Send' that comes with the library

// Set Pulse duration to 422 µs:

// adjust the send commands like this:

// Switch socket B on
// Switch socket B off

Switching with the CUL stick

isF0F00FF0FF0F # switch group F0F00, device C (FF0FF)  ON
isF0F00FF0FFF0 # switch group F0F00, device C (FF0FF) OFF



Ready-to-use Libraries:

Documentation of the command encoding

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