Posts from 2014-08

Deploy Your Own Bind9 based DDNS Server

This post is based on my previous blog post, Updating DNS Entries (with nsupdate or alternative implementations) – Run Your Own DDNS, and on Cédric Félizard's post "Your Own Dynamic DNS".

Running your own DynDNS (DDNS) server is easy when you have your own domain registered and an own...

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Setting up Python venvs on Arch Linux ARM

Since Python 3.3 venv is a module found in the standard library of Python. It can replace virtualenv / virtualenvwrapper. Creating a virtual environment is as simple as this:

python3 -m venv ~/.pyvenv/iplogger-3.4
source ~/.pyvenv/iplogger-3.4/bin/activate
# I didn't need the step below, don't know when it is required:

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Hosted Raspberry Pi at PCExtreme – Reinstalled with Arch Linux ARM

This is a follow up post for that one: Hosted Raspberry Pi at PCExtreme – Reinstalled with Raspbian.

I crashed my original OS and asked the kind people at PCExtreme to reinstall my RPi. They did and here is what I did when I received the credentials for the newly...

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Hosted Raspberry Pi at PCExtreme – Reinstalled with Raspbian

My Raspberry Pi running Arch Linux ARM hosted by PCExtreme in the Netherlands wasn't reachable anymore after a forced reboot from their side. Most probably I didn't adapt the configuration of the static IP to newer releases of the network configuration system when I installed upgrades on the RPi. The forced...

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Mounting NFS on Mac OS X 10.8 and 10.9

showmount -e
sudo mkdir /private/nfs

sudo mount -o rw,resvport -t nfs /private/nfs
sudo mount -o rw -t nfs /private/nfs

open /private/nfs

If you cannot write to the share, your numeric user ID may not match a user on the target machine and thus you may not have permission to...

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Running OpenWrt on the IB-NAS4220

Check out OpenWRT port for Raidsonic IB4220 and IB4210

OpenWrt images to download

Getting started

Setting up the disks

Partitioning and RAID

ssh root@yak
parted -s $dev mktable gpt
parted -s $dev mkpart primary 2MiB 512MiB
parted -s $dev mkpart primary 512MiB 100%
parted -s...

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AVM FRITZ!Box 7490

Hardware Components

  • SoC: Lantiq GRX388 - Feature-rich SoC for 2x2/3x3 WLAN, 3xGE Gateway
  • Modem: Lantiq VRX318 - ADSL2/2+/VDSL Transceiver and Line Drive
  • WiFi: Qualcomm Atheros QCA9880 - 3-stream 802.11ac radio solution

Network Call Monitor

Activate the feature by calling:

#96*5*    activate call monitor support
#96*4*  deactivate call monitor support

Then you...

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Memcached used as a server side cache for full pages of a Bottle web app

# Install memcached on Arch Linux ARM:
pacman -S memcached
# Start the memcached daemon manually:
memcached -d -m 128 -l -p 11211 -u nobody
# Check the systemd startup file /usr/lib/systemd/system/memcached.service
# Set up memcached to start automatically at system startup
systemctl enable memcached.service
# See for more info

# Install the memcache...

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