Building 19" Desk Addons

For my home office, I needed a way to organize my cables, equipment and switches efficiently. The way I decided to go was to attach the equipment to my desk. In a first step, I created a rack to be attached below the back side of the desk. It served me well to move my switch and a line of power sockets there. The cables are out of my way and out of my sight. In the following step, I was planning and building a connector panel in the form of a desk-edge rack. See below for details.

Rack under the desk

In this project, I was building a rack to be attached to my desk from below. It is accessible from the backside of the desk and holds a switch as well as a 19" line of power outlets.

Ingredients (listed by their German product names):

  • Adam Hall 6162 Rackschiene
    needed 2*13 = 26 cm
  • To fasten the 19" equipment you need (for 3 RUs with 4 screws each) 12x: * Adam Hall 5666 6Kant Mutter * Adam Hall 5417BLK Pack Rackschraube M6 x 12mm schwarz * Adam Hall 5620 Pack Kunststoffscheibe, U-form, schwarz

I bought the stuff on Thomann. You may get it from Amazon or your local studio equipment store.

Here is my sketch for the wooden structure:


Rack on the edge of the desk

The next project was to build a rack element to make at the back edge of the rack

Desk edge rack in action Desk edge rack parts

Desk edge rack

PDF to download and print (with scaling set to 100%!)

The rack element for Neutrik XLR D-size parts that I used is Adam Hall U-Rackblende 1 HE Stahl (German product name) and the elements I have in it are:

  • Neutrik NAHDMI-W-B (HDMI)
  • Neutrik NE8FDP-B (RJ45 / Ethernet)
  • Neutrik NAUSB-W-B (USB 2.0 feed through adapter)
  • Neutrik NJ3FP6C (6,3 mm Klinke female stereo)
  • Neutrik NAUSB3-B (USB 3.0 feed through adapter)