Samsung SyncMaster 971p

Der SyncMaster 971P verfügt über ein hochwertiges PVA-Panel, das mit einem sehr hohen dyn. Kontrastwert (4.000:1), einem sehr hohen Betrachtungswinkel von 178°/178° (h/v) und schnellen 6 Millisekunden (G/G) Reaktionszeit aufwarten kann. Das elegante Design verleiht dem SyncMaster 971P der asymmetrische Dreigelenkfuß mit Pivotfunktion, gepaart mit dem versteckten Kabelführungssystem und dem blau beleuchteten Power-Button. Mit dem im Fuß integrierten USB 2.0 Hub (1x Upstream, 2x Downstream) gestaltet sich das Anschließen weiterer USB-Geräte unkompliziert und bequem.

Samsung 971P Dimensions of the Samsung 971P

German product description (ad) and technical specs: Werbetext und Spezifikationen für den Samsung SyncMaster 971P.

Strange Color Profile on Windows

Window 7 Photo Viewer shows pictures with orange and yellow tint.

Change the default color profile from Samsung - Natural Color Pro 1.0 ICM (SM971P.icm) to sRGB IEC61966-2.1 (sRGB Color Space Profile.icm).

Getting Subpixel Display correct (with lxde as desktop environement)

I had to disable subpixel rendering in Start → Preferences → Customize Look and Feel → Font → Sub-pixel geometry in order to get the fonts to display correctly.

Control Tool for Linux: DDCcontrol

The monitor is supported by DDCcontrol v.20061014:

You may want to read the (German) article about using DDCcontrol: Testbild - Monitore komfortabel konfigurieren mit DDCcontrol, 01.08.2007, Jan Rähm

The Arch Linux packages ddccontrol and ddccontrol-db-git in AUR work well for me. It has some hickups sometimes with an ioctl call: ioctl(): No such device or address; ioctl returned -1 – but retrying helps. Installing them works as follows: Get the AUR packages, extract them, run makepkg -s in each of them and install them using sudo pacman -U *.tar.xz (ddccontrol-db-git comes first):

mkdir ~/AUR/
cd ~/AUR/
git clone
cd ddccontrol-db-git/
makepkg -s
sudo pacman -U *.xz
cd ..
git clone
cd ddccontrol-git
makepkg -s
sudo pacman -U *.xz

After installing DDCcontrol, you can run sudo gddccontrol to get the GUI tool or use the CLI ddccontrol:

[philipp@lion ~]$ sudo modprobe i2c-dev
[philipp@lion ~]$ sudo ddccontrol -p
ddccontrol version 0.4.2
Copyright 2004-2005 Oleg I. Vdovikin (
Copyright 2004-2006 Nicolas Boichat (
This program comes with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY.
You may redistribute copies of this program under the terms of the GNU General Public License.

Probing for available monitors........
Detected monitors :
 - Device: dev:/dev/i2c-5
   DDC/CI supported: Yes
   Monitor Name: Samsung SyncMaster 971P (Digital)
   Input type: Digital
  (Automatically selected)
Reading EDID and initializing DDC/CI at bus dev:/dev/i2c-5...

EDID readings:
    Plug and Play ID: SAM0248 [Samsung SyncMaster 971P (Digital)]
    Input type: Digital

= Samsung SyncMaster 971P (Digital)
> Color settings
    > Brightness and Contrast
        > id=magicbright, name=Magic Bright Mode, address=0xdc, delay=-1ms, type=2
          Possible values:
            > id=text - name=Text, value=1
            > id=internet - name=Internet, value=2
            > id=game - name=Game, value=3
            > id=sport - name=Sport, value=4
            > id=entertain - name=Entertain, value=5
            > id=custom - name=Custom, value=6
          supported, value=6, maximum=6
        > id=brightness, name=Brightness, address=0x10, delay=-1ms, type=0
          supported, value=20, maximum=100
        > id=contrast, name=Contrast, address=0x12, delay=-1ms, type=0
          supported, value=75, maximum=100
    > Gamma
        > id=gamma, name=Gamma, address=0xf2, delay=-1ms, type=2
          Possible values:
            > id=-0.5 - name=-0.5, value=2
            > id=0 - name=0, value=0
            > id=+0.5 - name=+0.5, value=1
          supported, value=0, maximum=2
    > Color maximum level
        > id=red, name=Red maximum level, address=0x16, delay=-1ms, type=0
          supported, value=30, maximum=64
        > id=green, name=Green maximum level, address=0x18, delay=-1ms, type=0
          supported, value=32, maximum=64
        > id=blue, name=Blue maximum level, address=0x1a, delay=-1ms, type=0
          supported, value=32, maximum=64
    > Various color settings
        > id=colorpreset, name=Color Preset, address=0xe0, delay=-1ms, type=2
          Possible values:
            > id=normal - name=Normal, value=3
            > id=custom - name=Custom, value=0
            > id=warm - name=Warm, value=1
            > id=cool - name=Cool, value=2
          supported, value=0, maximum=3
        > id=magiccolor, name=MagicColor, address=0xf0, delay=-1ms, type=2
          Possible values:
            > id=off - name=Off, value=0
            > id=demo - name=Demo, value=1
            > id=full - name=Full, value=2
            > id=intelligent - name=Intelligent, value=3
          supported, value=0, maximum=3
> Screen purity
    > Various
        > id=sharpness, name=Sharpness, address=0x87, delay=-1ms, type=0
          supported, value=15, maximum=25
> Others
    > Restore defaults
        > id=defaults, name=Restore Factory Defaults, address=0x4, delay=2000ms, type=1
          Possible values:
            > id=default - name=Restore Factory Defaults, value=1
          supported, value=0, maximum=1
        > id=defaultluma, name=Restore Brightness and Contrast, address=0x5, delay=2000ms, type=1
          Possible values:
            > id=default - name=Restore Brightness and Contrast, value=1
          supported, value=0, maximum=1
        > id=defaultcolor, name=Restore Factory Default Color, address=0x8, delay=2000ms, type=1
          Possible values:
            > id=default - name=Restore Factory Default Color, value=1
          supported, value=0, maximum=1
        > id=settings, name=Settings, address=0xb0, delay=1000ms, type=1
          Possible values:
            > id=default - name=Settings, value=1
          supported, value=0, maximum=2
    > OSD
        > id=language, name=Language select, address=0xcc, delay=-1ms, type=2
          Possible values:
            > id=english - name=English, value=2
            > id=french - name=French, value=3
            > id=german - name=German, value=4
            > id=italian - name=Italian, value=5
            > id=russian - name=Russian, value=9
            > id=spanish - name=Spanish, value=10
            > id=swedish - name=Swedish, value=11
          supported, value=4, maximum=11
    > Input settings
        > id=inputsource, name=Input Source Select, address=0x60, delay=-1ms, type=2
          Possible values:
            > id=analog - name=Analog, value=1
            > id=digital - name=Digital, value=3
          supported, value=3, maximum=3
    > Power control
        > id=dpms, name=DPMS Control, address=0xd6, delay=-1ms, type=2
          Possible values:
            > id=on - name=On, value=1
            > id=standby - name=Standby, value=4
          supported, value=1, maximum=4
        > id=power, name=Power control, address=0xe1, delay=-1ms, type=2
          Possible values:
            > id=off - name=Off, value=0
            > id=on - name=On, value=1
          supported, value=1, maximum=1
    > Buttons and leds
        > id=customkey, name=Custom key, address=0xe8, delay=-1ms, type=2
          Possible values:
            > id=magicbright - name=MagicBright, value=0
            > id=magiccolor - name=MagicColor, value=1
            > id=autosetup - name=Automatic setup, value=2
            > id=inputsource - name=Input Source Select, value=3
            > id=colortone - name=Color Tone, value=4
          supported, value=0, maximum=4

Setting the brightness value to 70/100:

ddccontrol -p -r 0x10 -w 70

Switching the monitor off:

sudo ddccontrol dev:/dev/i2c-5 -r 0xe1 -w 0
# or via the DPMS register:
sudo ddccontrol dev:/dev/i2c-5 -r 0xd6 -w 4

and back on:

sudo ddccontrol dev:/dev/i2c-5 -r 0xe1 -w 1
# or via the DPMS register
sudo ddccontrol dev:/dev/i2c-5 -r 0xd6 -w 1

For more information read the DDCcontrol manual.