Open Source Genealogy on the Mac with Gramps

Gramps is a very versatile desktop software to do genealogical research. The software is open source, works on all major desktop operating systems and has a great community. It resides at

Its Wikipedia article is also very interesting!

Starting Gramps in a language different to your operating system language

My operating system is in English. This makes developing software and finding solutions for problems easier. But for Gramps it's helpful to have the terms of the tool in my first language, German. To start it in German while my system language is English, run paste these commands into the Terminal application (and press [Enter]):

defaults write -app Gramps AppleCollationOrder "de"
defaults write -app Gramps AppleLanguages "(de, en)"
defaults write -app Gramps AppleLocale "de_DE"

Then restart Gramps.

More to be found here for Mac OS X and here for Linux and Gramps reports in general.

Path of the data files (for backups)

On Mac OS X, each family tree is a subfolder in ~/Library/Application Support/gramps/grampsdb. You can back it up manually like this:

mkdir -p ~/Documents/genealogy/gramps-backup/
cp -a ~/Library/Application\ Support/gramps/grampsdb ~/Documents/genealogy/gramps-backup/2015-04-12