Brother QL-710W

This device and its use on Linux is all in all very similar to the QL-500, see my other post.

Default Credentials of the HTTP Server

  • Username: admin, password: access

Technical details

They are to be found here. What you can find there is:

  • Open ports on the network
  • SNMP:
    • Output of different snmpwalk commands: snmpwalk -c public -v 1 and snmpwalk -c public -v 1
    • The SNMP values that the P-Touch Mac Software fetches when selecting the label printer

Linux Usage

If you have a binary file in the language of the label writer, you can send it to the printer like this:

cat my_label.bin > /dev/usb/lp1

Or via network:

nc 9100 < foo.ptouch


My own software: brother_ql.