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Install Node.js, NPM and node-bitcoin-explorer on Debian Squeeze

apt-get update
apt-get install git-core curl build-essential openssl libssl-dev
git clone && cd node
make install
node -v
cd ..
npm -v

Let's install node-bitcoin-explorer

apt-get install libgmp3-dev pkg-config
npm install bitcoin-p2p
npm install express
git clone git://
node node-bitcoin-explorer/app.js

Not working yet! Maybe I should wait for some more days...


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Interacting with MongoDB on the Command Line

Do some monitoring:

cat << EOF | mongo
show dbs;

Show the last 10 entries in natural order:

cat << "EOF" | mongo
use your_db;

Drop the database cube_development:

cat << EOF...

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Change MySQL password on the terminal

Here is how change the root password of MySQL on Ubuntu or Debian:

/etc/init.d/mysql stop
mysqld_safe --skip-grant-tables
echo "use mysql; update user set password=PASSWORD('newpass') where User='root'; flush privileges;" | mysql -u root -p
## this doesn't work in 'skip-grant-tables' mode:
#echo "SET PASSWORD FOR 'root' = PASSWORD('newpass');" |...

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IPv6: Dynamic Routing with Quagga and ospf6d (OSPFv3)

This is largely based on

Enabling Quagga and Its Daemons

The installation of Quagga and ospf6d is different on Debian/Ubuntu and on OpenWrt systems. The configuration files can be the same (in structure).

/etc/quagga/daemons (Debian/Ubuntu systems)

Configuration of OSPF6d


password PASSWORD
!! adapter setup :

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Sound Card Test using Linux

You can use lxsndtest on Linux based computers to test the performance and quality of your soundcard. You should read its user guide for help on installation and usage.

lxsndtest ist based on the older xsndtest (which you can compile using some hints from this build...

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Migrate Existing ext3 Filesystem to ext4

The following collection of commands shows how to migrate your partition formatted with ext3 to an ext4 filesystem. The safest way is to do this when the partition is unmounted. However, if the partition to convert is where the root filesystem of your Linux distro is stored and you don't...

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radvd – The Linux IPv6 Router Advertisement Daemon

Installation on Ubuntu / Debian:

sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install radvd

A typical radvd configuration file /etc/radvd.conf to advertise the prefix 2001:db8:2530:fa13::/64 for autoconfiguration on the network connected to the interface eth0 and to advertise the machine running radvd as a router for the local network (based...

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IPv6 Tools on the Command Line


neighbour discovery:

# trigger the discovery
ping6 -c2 -I eth0 ff02::1
# print the results:
ip -6 neigh

Or with the network interface specified in a shell variable and the commands put in a single command line:

ping6 -c2 -I $IFACE ff02::1 && echo -e...

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Sort Installed .deb Packages by Size

GUI options

The easy GUI way is to use Synaptic and enable the "Installed Size" column by going to Settings → Preferences → Columns and Fonts.

You can then go to the "Status" filters and select the "Installed" filter then click on the column you want to sort by. It's interestingly...

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Install an Asterisk Server on Debian from Source

Get Requirements

We need gcc, g++ and some libraries:

sudo apt-get install build-essential libxml2-dev ncurses-dev

Get the source, compile and install

cd ~/Downloads
# get the source code
# untar it
tar -xf asterisk-
cd asterisk-
# clean the build directory (of crap from previous runs)
make distclean
# configure and compile Asterisk:
# install Asterisk...

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Sniff Serial Connection


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Serial Port Terminal Applications

Mac OS X


Putty works!



install minicom:

sudo apt-get install minicom

use minicom:

minicom -o -s

How it works:

  • -o do not try to initialize a modem first
  • -s...

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Markdown for the Gedit Text Editor on Ubuntu 11.04

This is the continuation of the topic gedit Markdown plugin and the comment by Jean-Philippe Fleury, the author of the plugin.

If you frequently have to create Markdown documents, you might want your text editor of choice to support you. Jean-Philippe Fleury developed a nice plugin for Gedit to...

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Redmine on Debian Squeeze

Redmine as Debian package:

  • The core package is redmine. Three packages (redmine-*) provide correct dependencies for mysql, pgsql, sqlite.
  • Several configurations are given as working examples in /usr/share/doc/redmine/examples.
  • Explanations of how the configuration is dealt with are given in /usr/share/doc/redmine/README.Debian.gz.
  • There is no per-instance support for plugins, but those dropped to /usr/share/redmine/vendor/plugins.

Manual and Up-To-Date...

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XEN Virtual Server Improvements

More Loop Devices

To solve this problem:

mount: could not find any free loop device,

you have to increase the number of loop devices:

echo "options loop max_loop=64" > /etc/modprobe.d/local-loop.conf


# Create a file to use as swap with 1024 1MiB blocks (= 1 GiB):

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IPv6 Privacy Extensions

The privacy extensions as defined in RFC4941 make your device change its IP every now and then.

Privacy addresses are not enabled by default. Their generation is activated via the sysctl directive use_tempaddr that can be set to one of the following values:

  • 0 don't use privacy extensions.
  • 1 generate privacy addresses
  • 2...

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Instantaneous IPv6 Connectivity using Teredo on Debian / Ubuntu

On Debian and Ubuntu, getting IPv6 connectivity is as easy as running this command in terminal:

sudo apt-get install miredo

You should instantaneously be connected to the internet via IPv6 (provided you have a working IPv4 setup).

If you want to customize your IPv6 connectivity, you can edit the miredo configuration...

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Mobile IPv6

Mobile IP / Mobile IPv6 / mip6d seems to be quite dead at the moment:

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SixXS Static 6in4 IPv6 Tunnel on Ubuntu / Debian

Define the tunnel in /etc/network/interfaces

You can simply put the following setup in your interfaces configuration file and this will allow you to set up your tunnel automatically at startup or manually using ifup sixxs.

# Please refer to <> for further information
auto sixxs
iface <span...

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IPv6 6in4 Tunnel via Hurricane Electric ( Tunnel Setup on Ubuntu 11.04

Using the CLI tool ip

I wrote the following script to set up the IPv6 6in4 tunnel on Linux using the ip command. You have to adjust the constants to the values given on the site on the tunnel that you created. Just execute it and you should be...

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[fix] mod_fcgid: HTTP request length xyz (so far) exceeds MaxRequestLen (131072)

I found the following problem in the apache2 error log:

[Tue Apr 26 21:47:31 2011] [warn] [client] mod_fcgid: HTTP request length 132101 (so far) exceeds MaxRequestLen (131072), referer:

It can occur when uploading a file that is too large on an Apache web server with mod_fcgid enabled. The solution...

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Web Interfaces for the Bind DNS Server

API solutions:

Not a...

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iSCSI on Ubuntu Linux

iSCSI is a software system (may be implemented in hardware) to mount remote block level devices locally. It does not provide a remote filesystem and thus is independent of the filesystem you might want to use on top of it.

iSCSI Target : PC that offers a block device to be...

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Seagate FreeAgent DockStar running Debian and Seagate FreeAgent GoFlex Home running PlugboxLinux

The Seagate FreeAgent DockStar

You can install Debian on the Seagate FreeAgent DockStar. There was a time when the device cost only ~ 20 EUR. Currently it is at 50 EUR in Germany.


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Get your own DNS server up and running with Bind9 on Ubuntu or Debian

The goal of this article is to describe how to setup your own DNS server to serve the domain name service entries for a TLD ( In the last part of the article I describe how to increase the speed of the system and the security in...

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Fix this error: warning: SASL authentication failure: cannot connect to saslauthd server: Permission denied

Problem: The password that I used to authenticate for the SMTP server was rejected:

Apr  5 20:04:55 lion postfix/smtpd[7607]: connect from[ww.xx.yy.zz]
Apr  5 20:04:55 lion postfix/smtpd[7607]: warning: SASL authentication failure: cannot connect to saslauthd server: Permission denied
Apr  5 20:04:55 lion postfix/smtpd[7607]: warning: SASL authentication failure: Password...

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Install the PECL Upload Progress Library for Drupal 7 on Debian squeeze

If you take a look at the status report page of a Drupal 7 installation on Debian squeeze you might notice that the PECL Upload Progress Library is reported to be missing. Here is how to get it installed:

# pecl is contained in the package php-pear and needs...

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Install Cacti

Basic Installation

In this installation documentation I assume you already have apache2 as well as php5 installed.

First create an apache2 configuration file for cacti with vi /etc/apache2/sites-available/cacti and enter the setup similar to this:

NameVirtualHost *

<VirtualHost *>

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Set up sending emails on a local system by Transfering it to a SMTP-Relay-Server (Smarthost)

SMTP-Relay-Server = Mail-Relay-Server = Smarthost


A slim smtp forwarding tool can be installed via the package ssmtp (it provides /usr/sbin/sendmail):

# apt-get install ssmtp

The configuration file /etc/ssmtp/ssmtp.conf:

# The person who gets all mail for userids < 1000
# Make this empty to disable rewriting.

# The place where the mail...

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Create Your Own 64 bit Linux Distribution - using Cross Linux From Scratch


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Making Apache2 run faster with less memory: Run it in worker mode

apt-get install libapache2-mod-fcgid php5-cgi apache2-common apache2-mpm-worker apache2-suexec
a2enmod fcgid
a2enmod suexec

If you want the document root to be something different to /var/www, you need apache2-suexec-custom instead of apache2-suexec.

Now let's create a user PHP will run as and create the directory structure for our new site.



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Start Linux Containers (LXC) at Startup


The built in possibility on Ubuntu / Debian is to change the configuration file /etc/default/lxc:

CONTAINERS="vm0 vm1"

In this example, vm0 and vm1 are LXC configuration files stored or linked in /etc/lxc. These containers will be started at startup.

custom init script /etc/init.d/lxc

Instead of...

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Automatically Update Packages on a Ubuntu or Debian Server

To automatically install updates on Ubuntu / Debian you can install the package cron-apt:

sudo aptitude install cron-apt

In /etc/cron-apt/config you can set up your email address for notifications by setting the value for MAILTO.



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