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Open Source Genealogy on the Mac with Gramps

Gramps is a very versatile desktop software to do genealogical research. The software is open source, works on all major desktop operating systems and has a great community. It resides at

Its Wikipedia article is also very interesting!

Starting Gramps in a language different to your operating system language

My operating system...

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Druck-Vorlage "Arbeitsblatt für die Tagesplanung"

Kann direkt aus dem Browser gedruckt werden (bei 100%):

"Arbeitsblatt für die Tagesplanung"

(Nicht vergessen, beim Drucken einzustellen, dass keine URL, Datum etc. auf den Ausdruck kommen soll.)


Einige gedankliche Anstöße für die Art, das Blatt in HTML und CSS umzusetzen, habe ich aus dieser Vorlage für eine Rechnungserstellung in HTML entnommen:...

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Obtaining a Kansas Driver's License as an Alien on a J-1 visa

In this blog post I'm going to describe you how to obtain a driver's license in Kansas, USA. This is based on my experience in summer 2011.

First, you want to find a DMV office near to you. You can find...

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2000 Ford Ranger XLT, Short Bed, 2WD, 5-gears


Replacement Parts


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Buying a Used Car in Kansas, USA

You can search for used cars on craigslist, ebay or ask your friends...

Always bargain with the seller and check Kelly blue book and NADA for good prices. Test drive the car and get it checked out by a mechanic. You can also use the VIN found in the...

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Web Based Open Source Genealogy Software





On Ubuntu:

  • Install package geneweb
  • Read /usr/share/doc/geneweb/index.htm
  • Run gwd, the geneweb daemon



more resources


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Genealogy on Linux using GRAMPS


sudo aptitude install gramps

Start the program in German when the rest of my distribution is in English:

LANG=de_de.utf8 && gramps



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