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Set up Wireless with Different Profiles and WPA/WPA2 encryption (using /etc/network/interfaces)

Setup of WPA encrypted WiFi using a text file based configuration

You find the important information on how to set it up in the documentation of wpasupplicant:

zmore /usr/share/doc/wpasupplicant/README.modes.gz

For example if you want to connect to a WLAN named "WLAN-AF6432" with WPA security, you first have to get the encryption...

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Adjust Time and Date Format (Compliant with ISO 8601)

  • Display the configuration editor in the system menu by following these steps:
    Click on System → Preferences → Main Menu
    Enable: Applications → System Tools → Configuration Editor (gconf-editor)
  • Now open the Configuration Editor (gconf-editor) and do the following:
    • Navigate to / → apps ...

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WYSIWYG Tool to Typeset Formulae

There's not just LaTex but also kformula:

sudo aptitude install kformula

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Restore Ubuntu Splash Screen after Kubuntu Installation

To get back your familiar Ubuntu usplash image and screen, do

sudo update-alternatives --config

and then recreate initial ramdisk (ATTENTION! This also recreates entries in the menu.lst!):

sudo dpkg-reconfigure linux-image-`uname -r`

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3D Desktop: Set up Compiz Fusion and The Proprietary 3D Driver

tool for nvidia graphic cards: nvidia-settings

sudo aptitude install nvidia-settings

how I set it up:


set to 8x anti aliasing und 4x anisotropic to test the new settings:

nvidia-settings -load-config-only > /dev/null 2>&1 && compiz --replace &

tool for ati graphic cards: fglrx-control

sudo aptitude install fglrx-control

preferred settings for...

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Get hibernate and suspend to work in difficult cases using uswsusp

Got hibernate working under ubuntu on the HP notebook nx8220:

install uswsusp

sudo apt-get install uswsusp

reconfigure uswsusp

sudo dpkg-reconfigure uswsusp

device node ... uswsusp can talk to kernel: empty
Perform checksum on image? yes
Compress image? yes
Perform early write out? yes
preferred max image size:...

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Network Traffic Counters Like vnstat And ntop


Install the command line program vnstat, a network traffic counter, on Ubuntu:

sudo aptitude install vnstat

Set up vnstat for your (e.g. dial-up: ppp0) internet connection:

sudo vnstat -u -i ppp0

View traffic:


Set up a PHP based vnstat frontend


cd ~/Downloads
git clone git://
sudo cp -R...

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Change Display Defaults for Folder Views in Gnome

Open the file browser in Gnome (called Nautilus) and select File → Preferences. Then set "View new Folders using:" to the option with the most details: List View.


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Install Gnome Desktop (After Kubuntu Installation)

Do this in case you installed Kubuntu before and want to have gnome available as well

sudo aptitude update
sudo aptitude install ubuntu-desktop

KDM or GDM as default display manager:

The default can always be changed later by modifying the /etc/X11/default-display-manager file. For KDM, the file should read /usr/bin/kdm; for GDM,...

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mount iso images

mount -o loop IsoFilename.iso ~/tmpmount2/

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Connect to the Internet via a 3G Mobile Phone using UMTS network and Bluetooth Connectivity

Set up 3G UMTS connection using bluetooth


hcitool scan


00:4F:5D:5B:53:FB  p

Now let's find out the channel for the modem connection using Bluetooth:

sdptool browse 00:4F:5D:5B:53:FB |...

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Install proprietary Adobe Reader

Add the Medibuntu repository:

sudo wget -O /etc/apt/sources.list.d/medibuntu.list

Update repos and get the Medibuntu keyring manager:

sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install medibuntu-keyring && sudo apt-get update

Get Adobe Reader:

sudo apt-get install acroread

If you like to you can also install the acrobat plugin for firefox, konqueror...

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LaTeX and Vector Graphics on Ubuntu 8.04

Vector Graphics

  • inkscape
  • xfig
  • scribus

LaTeX texlive

  • kile
  • lyx


  • ...latex-extra
  • ...latex-recommended
  • ...generic-recommended
  • ...doc-de
  • ...math-extra
  • ...pstricks
  • ...lang-german
  • and all ...-recommended packages

more LaTeX stuff

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Remove Network-Manager

You might want to remove the network manager if you want to set up your network interfaces using the configuration file /etc/network/interfaces (in this case you just don't need Network Manager).

sudo aptitude remove network-manager

do not remove:!!!: ubuntu-desktop but do remove: knetworkmanager, network-manager-gnome und network-manager-kde


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Subversion GUIs

For web development with CVS version control system

sudo aptitude install kompare cervisia quanta

A good svn gui is kdesvn:

sudo aptitude install kdesvn

For svn support in Nautilus is provided by a script collection:

sudo aptitude install nautilus-script-collection-svn

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Compiling the Linux Kernel – The Manual Debian Way

The goad: compile you neat own kernel with Suspend2 (or any other patch)

prerequisits: get needed packages:

gcc, binutils, fakeroot, kernel-package, tk8.x, libqt3-dev, libncurses5-dev

1.get vanilla kernel sources: →
e.g.: linux- save to directory /usr/src

2.unpack kernel using

tar -xf linux-

3.Get the Suspend2 patch ( e.g.:

4.Patch the...

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Install tuxguitar (guitar exercising program)

sudo aptitude install sun-java6-jre tuxguitar

Change soundbase to a downloaded one from the Sun soundbanks site and add it in tuxguitar under "Settings" → "Audio" → "external soundbase".


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