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installation of povray itself:

sudo aptitude install povray povray-includes povray-examples povray-doc

as well as the graphical modeler:

sudo aptitude install kpovmodeler


A file created by POV-Ray:

General command line to render a scene (still has to be adopted for the file in question):


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Sweet Home 3D

run with Java Web Start

cd ~/Downloads
javaws SweetHome3D.jnlp

or the original java one:

cd ~/Downloads
/usr/lib/jvm/java-6-sun- ./SweetHome3D.jnlp

and run using

cd ~/Downloads/
javaws SweetHome3D.jnlp

or if the above does not work, use:

install and run including Java VM

cd ~/Downloads
tar -xf SweetHome3D-2.0-linux-x86.tgz

and run

cd ~/Downloads/SweetHome3D-2.0

add extra...

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