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Monitor Your Room Temperature – With An AVR-NET-IO

I was using an AVR-NET-IO with the Ethersex firmware to log temperatures. I used an NTC and measured the the voltage drop across to get the temperature. The logging was done with (a previous version of) this script.

Real Time Plotting

This can be done with

Analysis Using R


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AVR Studio 4.15 using Wine

What works:

  • open and build a c-project (WinAVR) for atmega8

What was not tested:

  • programming a device

Here's what i did:

  • On a new wine installation, use winetricks for corefonts, allfonts, dcom98. This also sets native overrides for some OLE dlls.
  • With winecfg, set default overrides for ole32, oleaut32, rpcrt4 back to builtin,native. Leave Version to...

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downloads on


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