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rsync for Mac OS X

You can upgrade Lion's version of rsync (2.6.9) to 3.x (currently 3.0.9) via Homebrew:

brew install

Backing up a remote folder to a local one works like this then:

rsync -avz -e ssh /var/www/


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Backup Google Contacts

Possible Choices


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Backup of Webserver

The backup of a webserver is not always as straightforward as the backup of your computers at home or just a single website etc. This blog states how I do it.


### set to the server address of your server:

## login as root...

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(Automated) Manual Backup of a WordPress Blog (Including the Database)

I wrote my own shell script to create a backup of this WordPress blog as I was not happy with the ready to use backup plugins for WordPress such as wp Time Machine.

The script creates two files during the backup process. One that contains all the files in...

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Backup saved passwords in Ubuntu

To make a backup of the saved passwords in Ubuntu just make a backup of the folder ~/.gnome2/keyrings/. This is where Gnome stores its password keyrings (named something like somename.keyring).

You can also export all your passwords from the Gnome Keyring using the python module keyring as described in <a...

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Have a look at your MBR using `dd`, `hexdump` and `file`

With two little tools (dd and hexdump) you can use your command line to inspect / investigate the master boot record of a hard disk.

The command is

sudo dd if=/dev/sda bs=512 count=1 | hexdump -C

where /dev/sda is the hard disk you want to inspect.

So here I provide an example...

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Create an .ISO Image File From the Contents of a Folder

Easily create an iso image using mkisofs from command line.

To produce an ISO image of a directory (with -J Joliet extensions; with -r Rockridge extensions; with -R Rockridge extensions preserving rights and ownerships; with -V to set the Volume-ID) run:

mkisofs -J -R -o image.iso -V "Data Backup" folder/data


  • <a...

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OfflineIMAP - have a local copy of your mail

While it is very convenient to have all mail available online and it is cheap (Google Mail offers a lot of storage for free), you might sleep better at night if you were sure to have a copy of you mail on your own hard disk drive at home. offlineimap...

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My documented Search for Free Software for IMAP Synchronisation

To dump / backup your IMAP Mail Folder to a local directory, there are some projects in the Ubuntu repositories:

looked for last changes on 2010-01-10

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Synchronize Directories using Unison

Unison is a great tool to keep directories and files synchronized. It is extremely simple to use once you figure out how to do the setup and it can be done automatically (via a cronjob).

I show you here how to do it:

If you are not sure if used Unison before,...

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Git for Synchronization and Backup

Git might be used as a back up system. There used to be an article on this topic on Unfortunately it is not available any more. Here are the main headlines:

  • Why git, not rsync
  • What folders / files to exclude ( to be set in .gitignore )
  • How to do it
  • Pros...

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Save Websites to Mirror a Browsable Version Using wget or webhttrack

using wget

wget -m -k -K -E

If this command seems to run forever, there may be parts of the site that generate an infinite series of different URLs. You can combat this in many ways, the simplest being to use the -l option to specify...

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Backup using disk dump – dd

Note: The following commands have all to be run as the super user (root) as raw access to partitions is not permitted to normal users.

A simple bit by bit backup of the partition 9 on the hard disk /dev/sdx:

dd if=/dev/sdx9 of=imagefile bs=2048

You can also pipe it into gzip...

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