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DB WebSign with Mac OS X 10.7

I ordered a WebSign banking smart card for Deutsche Bank in January 2012 and I just got it. So the first thing, I did, was checking what it actually is using pcsc_scan:

philipp@lion:~$ pcsc_scan 
PC/SC device scanner
V 1.4.18 (c) 2001-2011, Ludovic Rousseau <>
Compiled with PC/SC lite version: 1.4.0
Plug'n play...

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AqBanking CLI on Mac OS X with ING DiBa via HBCI

Get the requisite: AqBanking via Homebrew on Mac OS X:

brew install aqbanking
# ↑ At the time of writing (2011-12-28) this will get you AqBanking v5.0.16

Now set up your ING-DiBa online banking account (needs activated HBCI interface):

ktoblzcheck 50010517 5400040302
aqhbci-tool4 --help

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Automized Extraction of Transactions on the ING-DiBa Online Banking Website

This is an iMacros script to extract transaction details on the online banking website of the German branch of the bank ING-DiBa. As this is mostly interesting to Germans, the following blog post is in German. If you want to read it in English, consider translating it using Google...

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AqBanking CLI

AqBanking is used as a backend for gnucash and therefore very mature. It features a CLI to query CSV files of transactions and more.

There is a newer blog post on this subject: AqBanking CLI on Mac OS...

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