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OfflineIMAP - have a local copy of your mail

While it is very convenient to have all mail available online and it is cheap (Google Mail offers a lot of storage for free), you might sleep better at night if you were sure to have a copy of you mail on your own hard disk drive at home. offlineimap...

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My documented Search for Free Software for IMAP Synchronisation

To dump / backup your IMAP Mail Folder to a local directory, there are some projects in the Ubuntu repositories:

looked for last changes on 2010-01-10

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Set up an SMTP Server Without Authentification

I don't like to set up an SMTP server without authentification but I needed it for a special hardware, the Koukaam NETIO 230A. It sends reports of its operation via unauthenticated SMTP emails.

sudo aptitude install postfix

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