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Creation of ISO images, Burning of ISO images – Both on the Terminal using Mac OS X

Burning an ISO Image from Terminal

hdiutil burn image.iso

Creating an ISO Image from a Folder

hdiutil makehybrid -o ~/Desktop/[outfile] ~/Desktop/[source]

[source] can be a folder or a disk image.

Creating an ISO Image from a CD

Determine the device that is you CD/DVD drive:

drutil status

Umount the disk:


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Create an .ISO Image File From the Contents of a Folder

Easily create an iso image using mkisofs from command line.

To produce an ISO image of a directory (with -J Joliet extensions; with -r Rockridge extensions; with -R Rockridge extensions preserving rights and ownerships; with -V to set the Volume-ID) run:

mkisofs -J -R -o image.iso -V "Data Backup" folder/data


  • <a...

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Convert a CUE / BIN CD Image to ISO Format and

A search for tools that can do the conversion

apt-cache search convert cue bin iso

reveals several candidates to fulfill this task:

bchunk - CD image format conversion from bin/cue to iso/cdr
mdf2iso - A simple utility to convert mdf to iso /...

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Create ISO Image of non-copy-protected DVDs / CDs

Using dd

dd if=/dev/sr0 of=~/image.iso

Using readom

Usually a better choice compared with dd is readom (read optical media). It has built in error checking.

sudo umount /dev/sr0
readom dev=/dev/sr0 f=~/image.iso

Burn .iso to a CD/DVD

If you want to write the ISO to a disk afterwards, then you should be using wodim:


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Burning Tools For Linux

The most important graphical buring tools on Linux are:

  • K3b
  • Brasero
  • gnomebaker

On the Command Line

You can read more about this on the wiki page CdDvdBurning on the Command Line in the official Ubuntu Wiki.

burn *.iso to CD: (wodim is a fork of cdrecord)

wodim --devices

to check the available burners...

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mount iso images

mount -o loop IsoFilename.iso ~/tmpmount2/

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