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Install the LaTeX Distribution TeX Live on Ubuntu Linux

Install the most important packages using:

sudo apt-get install texlive texlive-latex-extra

optionally also install some German language support packages:

sudo apt-get install texlive-lang-german

If you want the full TeX Live system:

sudo apt-get install texlive-full



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Use pandoc To Convert LaTeX to Markdown

Pandoc is a tool to convert documents from one format to another and it supports quite some formats! You can test it and convert small docs online:

Supported input formats include

  • markdown,
  • html,
  • latex, and rst.

Note that the rst reader only parses a subset of reStructuredText syntax. (The latex and html input readers...

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Auto refresh PDF as it is being changed

using Preview

use the following AppleScript and save it as ReloadPreviewDocument.scpt

Reload Preview Document 1.0
By Trevor Harmon <>

Based in part on the "Checking Accessibility Status" script by Apple.

on UIscript_check()
    -- get the <span...

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How I Install LaTeX on Ubuntu Linux

To make it simple, all I do is:

sudo aptitude install texlive-full

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Update gedit LaTeX Plugin

This post describes how I updated the gedit LaTeX plugin after I had it installed in an older version previously.

Backup your tools.xml file (definitions of tools to use with the plugin) etc.

cd ~/.gnome2/gedit/plugins
rm -rf GeditLaTeXPlugin
rm -rf GeditLaTeXPlugin.gedit-plugin
cd ~/Downloads/
rm -rf gedit-latex
svn co gedit-latex
cd ~/Downloads/gedit-latex/
chmod +x

To support the...

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Editors for Vector Graphics: inkscape, dia and xfig



sudo apt-get install inkscape


sudo apt-get install dia

If you want to create an eps image to use with the LaTeX package psfrag, export the image to eps using ps fonts!


A great vector graphics tool!

sudo aptitude install xfig



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Chinese Input in LaTeX

You need at least:

sudo aptitude install latex-cjk-chinese

or install all chinese related packages:

sudo aptitude install latex-cjk-all

\end{CJK*} (this is a test)

The above LaTeX code...

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Writer 2 LaTeX

There is an export plugin for Writer application. It uses Java and works for Writer >=v3.1 as Extension. Install like this:

sudo aptitude install

To export a Writer document do: File → Export → As LaTeX 2e ...


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Get rid of annoying rubber error: DeprecationWarning: md5 ...
the patch is:;filename=python2.6.patch;att=1;bug=520048

To get rid of the annoying rubber deprecation warning of a deprecated use of the md5 library, open /usr/share/rubber/rubber/ and change:

import md5
m =


import hashlib
m = hashlib<span...

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Calc 2 LaTeX Plugin for

update 2011-06-18: For LibreOffice, the extensions can be found on Calc2LaTeX, however, is not in this list and can still downloaded as before:

Get the extension from and install by double clicking or do it all on the terminal:

cd ~/Downloads
oowriter Calc2LaTeX.oxt

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latexdb - a tool to automate document creation using DBs
hopefully there will be a version 0.4 soon! (dev. since v.0.3 took 2 years already)

get the package and run the "install" script contained... latexdb-0.3 also needed: python_mysqldb:

sudo apt-get install python-mysqldb
latexdb-0.3 $ sudo ./install

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LaTeX and Vector Graphics on Ubuntu 8.04

Vector Graphics

  • inkscape
  • xfig
  • scribus

LaTeX texlive

  • kile
  • lyx


  • ...latex-extra
  • ...latex-recommended
  • ...generic-recommended
  • ...doc-de
  • ...math-extra
  • ...pstricks
  • ...lang-german
  • and all ...-recommended packages

more LaTeX stuff

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