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wiipresent is a tool by Dag Wieers to use a Nintendo Wii Remote as input device to switch forwards and backwards in your presentation when you give a talk.

Here is how you install it on Ubuntu 9.10:

sudo aptitude install bluez bluez-compat
sudo aptitude install libcwiimote-0.4 libcwiimote-dev libxtst-dev asciidoc
cd ~/Downloads/

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Nintendo Wii Remote

Alternative Hardware:

Sony Playstation Move To buy it in Germany:

building the Sensor Bar

WiiPresent (for / Evince / Adobe Reader)

sudo aptitude install bluez bluez-compat

cd ~/Downloads
tar -xf libwiimote-0.4.tgz
cd libwiimote-0.4

change hci_remote_name to hci_read_remote_name in the following...

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