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Get Microsoft Office 2007 Fonts

MS Vista/ Office 2007 Windows 95-XP era Linux
Calibri Arial/Arial Black DejaVu Sans Serif Bitstream Vera Sans
Cambria Times New Roman/Georgia/Impact/Lucida Bold(?) DejaVu Serif (Bold) Bitstream Vera Serif
Candara Trebuchet MS
Consolas Lucida Console/Courier New DejaVu Bitstream Vera Mono
Constantia Book Antiqua/Palatino Linotype/Tahoma
Corbel Trebuchet MS(?)/Verdana
sudo aptitude install cabextract
cd "/raid/downloads/fonts/4 Microsoft Fonts/Office 2007 (extracted from Powerpoint Viewer 2007)"
cabextract -F PowerPointViewer.exe
sudo mkdir...

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AqBanking CLI

AqBanking is used as a backend for gnucash and therefore very mature. It features a CLI to query CSV files of transactions and more.

There is a newer blog post on this subject: AqBanking CLI on Mac OS...

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Series60 Remote

__update:__ now there is a .deb package! go to downloads and get the .deb

cd ~/Downloads
sudo dpkg -i series60-remote*deb

original post:
found here

sudo aptitude install python python-obexftp python-matplotlib python-bluez python-qt4 python-qt4-sql sqlite3 libqt4-sql-sqlite
cd ~/Downloads
tar -xf series60-remote-0.3.90.tar.gz
cd series60-remote-0.3.90/

You can test the installation before you install it:


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Gnome Office

GNOME Office is a free office suite for GNOME which consists of:

  • AbiWord word processor
  • Evolution groupware and e-mail application
  • Gnumeric spreadsheet
  • GNOME-DB, software that provides database connectivity.

The Debian project includes additional applications in this list:

  • Dia diagram editor
  • GIMP raster graphics editor
  • Inkscape vector graphics editor
  • XSane graphical frontend of scanner access
  • Planner project management tool
  • GnuCash (Finanzverwaltung)

You can...

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FFGTK - a Fax / CAPI Client for Fritz!Box Fon

update 2011-02-14:

A recent version of ffgtk is contained in the repository ppa:stevi/ppa. To install it on Ubuntu 10.10 maverick do:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:stevi/ppa
sudo aptitude update && sudo aptitude install ffgtk libcapi20

Then run ffgtk on the terminal and set up your box. (I had to use the auto detected...

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Writer 2 LaTeX

There is an export plugin for Writer application. It uses Java and works for Writer >=v3.1 as Extension. Install like this:

sudo aptitude install

To export a Writer document do: File → Export → As LaTeX 2e ...


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Update the Turboprint Installation


Update the Turboprint installation:

cd ~/Downloads/
sudo dpkg -i turboprint_2.20-1_amd64.deb

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gLabels is a program for creating labels and business cards. Works well!

sudo apt-get install glabels

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Calc 2 LaTeX Plugin for

update 2011-06-18: For LibreOffice, the extensions can be found on Calc2LaTeX, however, is not in this list and can still downloaded as before:

Get the extension from and install by double clicking or do it all on the terminal:

cd ~/Downloads
oowriter Calc2LaTeX.oxt

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