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ENUM can be used to find out if you can call someone via VoIP instead of a regular call when all you have is the phone number. It works by sending a DNS like query for the phone number.

Possible ENUM servers are:

  • official!

To query +43 780 004711 on run:


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Install an Asterisk Server on Debian from Source

Get Requirements

We need gcc, g++ and some libraries:

sudo apt-get install build-essential libxml2-dev ncurses-dev

Get the source, compile and install

cd ~/Downloads
# get the source code
# untar it
tar -xf asterisk-
cd asterisk-
# clean the build directory (of crap from previous runs)
make distclean
# configure and compile Asterisk:
# install Asterisk...

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Cisco PAP2T - A VoIP adapter for 2 telephone lines

The Cisco / Linksys PAP2T lets you connect your analogue phones to VoIP services via SIP.

How to configure it:

Currently it costs ~40 EUR in Germany:

Cisco SPA-3102

An alternative is the Cisco SPA-3102 which also connects your phone to a classical landline connection (for failover /...

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