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SQLite DB Introspection

If you have an SQLite database file and want to check its structure (programmatically)

SELECT * FROM sqlite_master;

To do this via Python as simple as possible, run:

conn = sqlite3.connect("your/database.sqlite")
c = conn<span...

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PHP SQlite3 with PDO

If you want to use SQlite3 databases with PHP you should probably use PDO.

Install it like this:

apt-get install php5 php5-sqlite
echo -e "\\n" >> ../conf/php.ini

Note: You don't need any command like pecl install pdo_sqlite or pecl install pdo as PDO is now included in the package php5-sqlite...

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Important Notes

Omitted SQL Language Features

SQLite Keywords
you cannot choose table names from the keywords list!!!

enforce foreign keys
SQLite Foreign Key Trigger Generator:

Jump Start

SQLite with Python

Admin tools / GUIs


Open Source, cross platform!

SQLite Database Browser

sudo apt-get install sqlitebrowser



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