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Severe Problems with the SSD SanDisk Ultra II 240 GB

Yesterday, my SanDisk Ultra II 240 GB solid state drive - which hosts my Arch Linux system partition - showed a lot of ata errors (in the kernel message output dmesg). Rebooting was not possible, the system startup halted - again showing some ata failures. Very annoying!!! I was very...

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Update the Firmware of an OCZ Agility 3 SSD via the Linux Command Line

Boot a Linux system (not from the SSD itself!). For example a Ubuntu Live distribution. Run the following commands in your terminal (consider choosing a later firmware version if available from OCZ):

cd ~/Downloads
tar -xf fwupd_v2.12.05.tar.gz
sudo su
### The next step is flashing the SSD:
~/Downloads/fwupd_v2.12.05/linux64/fwupd –log /dev/sd?
# ( ↑...

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SSD Optimizations on Mac OS X

Firefox Cache

To disable the the Firefox cache on the disk (SSD) and move it to your RAM, follow these steps:

  • Go to about:config and set browser.cache.disk.enable to false
  • as well as browser.cache.memory.enable to true.

You can check what the cache is doing by going to about:cache

Set the noatime option on the root filesystem


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SSD optimizations on Linux

  • Use the mount option relatime (or noatime if you are brave) for the SSD partitions in /etc/fstab.
  • Replace several directories (those, the system writes to frequently) with a tmpfs file system as shown below.
  • Disable Firefox caching by setting browser.cache.disk.enable to false in about:config.
    Alternatively create the entry browser.cache.disk.parent_directory and set...

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