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Connecting to Samba shares on Linux / One-way Sync

Using Samba (or SMB) shares on Linux is not difficult but you should know some tricks. First of all, you can use smbclient to probe your Samba-Server and try to connect to it. You can then mount an SMB-share locally.
In addition, I wrote a tool to synchronize a local directory with...

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Set up a Samba Share for the KONICA MINOLTA magicolor 4690mf

This blog post documents the steps needed to set up a Samba Windows share on a Ubuntu based computer in order to let the Konica Minolta magicolor 4690mf scanner save scanned images directly to that folder.

Main resource: (German)

sudo aptitude install samba-common samba

You might also install the...

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Send `net send` commands like on Windows using Linux

On Windows Systems you can send short messages using the net send command. This is also possible using smbclient on Linux:

smbclient -M Hostname_or_IP "nachricht"

You can also pipe-in the text to send:

echo "Nachrichtentext" | smbclient -M Hostname_or_IP

Or directly send textfiles up to 1.6 KB:

cat msg.txt...

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Quickshare Folder using SMB and Discover SMB Shares on the Command Line

Gnome 'Share this folder'

Right click the folder you want to share in Gnome → sharing options → Share this folder (maybe this requires the installation of package samba, after installation log out and on again).

Allow SMB Connections In Your Firewall

After configuring firestarter to allow SMB, sudo iptables-save contains:


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