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Scanning A Leaflet And Automizing The Page Splitting And Renumbering

What you have to do:

  1. Remove the staples of your leaflet.
  2. Create a new folder for your images to scan.
  3. Scan the batch of leaflet pages as PNG image files.
  4. First scan the outer pages starting with the cover.
  5. Then scan the inner pages starting with the cover.
  6. Run the script (see above) in the...

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Set up a Samba Share for the KONICA MINOLTA magicolor 4690mf

This blog post documents the steps needed to set up a Samba Windows share on a Ubuntu based computer in order to let the Konica Minolta magicolor 4690mf scanner save scanned images directly to that folder.

Main resource: (German)

sudo aptitude install samba-common samba

You might also install the...

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Using HP PSC 2210 with Ubuntu Linux

FAX functionality using HylaFax

sudo aptitude install hylafax-client

This installes the following binaries: textfmt, faxalter, faxcover, faxmail, faxrm, faxstat, sendfax, sendpage, edit-faxcover

To send a fax from your terminal, run (-n : no coverpage, -d : destination):

sendfax -n -d0711123456


Switch the device off and on again in the case...

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