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Task Management Tools

Task Management Tools with a Graphical User Interface

Web Based Task Management Tools

Calendar Tools

For the Command Line

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Spotlight Search and Indexing

Terminal helpers (command line tools):

  • mdfind : Search Spotlight metadata indices.
  • mdimport : Force Spotlight to import metadata for a specific directory.
  • mdls : List the metadata attributes of a specific file.
  • mdutil : A utility for managing Spotlight indices.

To erase and rebuild the index on the root partition / do:


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Temporarily Disable Spotlight Indexing

Temporarily disable Spotlight indexing is especially useful when connecting a large external HDD for the first time to copy/move/access some files as the Sportlight scanning slows down the drive access a lot.

sudo mdutil -a -i off

to turn it back on:

sudo mdutil -a -i on



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Search for Strings Inside Files

To search for the string Find me inside text files in the working directory on a UNIX computer, do:

grep "Find me" *.*

or if you want to search in all subdirectories too:

ls `find . -type f -print  | xargs grep -l -s "Find me"`

If you want...

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Time Tracker gnotime and hamster Panel Applet

When you want to track your time with an Ubuntu application, I recommend gnotime. Just install the package:

sudo aptitude install gnotime

Alternatively use the hamster panel applet (new in Gnome 2.24)!


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