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`python-sipgate-xmlrpc` – Easy to use Python bindings for the Sipgate XML-RPC API

The German VoIP provider Sipgate has a great offer for people who want to replace their landline with a modern internet based SIP telephony account. Sipgate offers an XML-RPC API to all its customers (you must at least have created a free 'basic' account). With the API, you...

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Cisco PAP2T - A VoIP adapter for 2 telephone lines

The Cisco / Linksys PAP2T lets you connect your analogue phones to VoIP services via SIP.

How to configure it:

Currently it costs ~40 EUR in Germany:

Cisco SPA-3102

An alternative is the Cisco SPA-3102 which also connects your phone to a classical landline connection (for failover /...

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