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Install Node.js, NPM and node-bitcoin-explorer on Debian Squeeze

apt-get update
apt-get install git-core curl build-essential openssl libssl-dev
git clone && cd node
make install
node -v
cd ..
npm -v

Let's install node-bitcoin-explorer

apt-get install libgmp3-dev pkg-config
npm install bitcoin-p2p
npm install express
git clone git://
node node-bitcoin-explorer/app.js

Not working yet! Maybe I should wait for some more days...


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Good Drupal 7 Modules

These Modules are promising (but not all very stable yet):

  • User Restrictions. Watch this module, it might be the one of choice in a few weeks for user restrictions. Alternatively ACL with Flexi Access. Per node permissions can be set. Drawback (of either ACL or Flexi...

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Problems with a Drupal 7.0 installation when changing the Bartik theme: PHP safe mode

If you get an error message like the following when changing the color scheme / color set of the Bartik theme in Drupal 7 you might have PHP Safe Mode enabled.

* The specified file themes/bartik/logo.png could not be copied, because the destination directory is not properly configured. This...

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Install TaskFreak!

Here is how you can install the TaskFreak! System:

# Get the Taskfreak bundle from
tar xzf /tmp/taskfreak-multi-mysql-0.6.tgz -C /var/www
mv /var/www/taskfreak-0.6.4/ /var/www/taskmanagement

Then create the database:

echo "CREATE DATABASE taskfreak;" | mysql -u root -p
echo "GRANT all ON taskfreak.* TO 'taskfreak'@'localhost' IDENTIFIED BY 'passwordXYZ';"...

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Install EtherPad server

To install EtherPad you first have to edit the package repositories:

sudo gedit /etc/apt/sources.list

and add the following two lines (of which you might already have the first activated and where lucid could also be maverick or natty depending on your Ubuntu version):

deb lucid...

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