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Install Python Library for WordPress XML-RPC integration

cd ~/Downloads
git clone git://
cd python-wordpress-xmlrpc
python install



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Convert Certain Tags to Categories / Delete Certain Tags using SQL

ATTENTION! Do not follow this advice! It is of no use, now that I found the converter for Tags ↔ Categories: Categories to Tags Converter Importer!!!

Sometimes you give posts a tag but realize later it should rather be a category.

What you can do to convert a certain tag –...

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Create A Page That Lists All Tags That You Use on A WordPress Site

Create the file all-tags.php in the theme folder suffusion:

 * Template Name: All Tags
 * @package Suffusion
 * @subpackage Templates

<div id="main-col">
  <?php suffusion_page_navigation(); ?>

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(Automated) Manual Backup of a WordPress Blog (Including the Database)

I wrote my own shell script to create a backup of this WordPress blog as I was not happy with the ready to use backup plugins for WordPress such as wp Time Machine.

The script creates two files during the backup process. One that contains all the files in...

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Safe Modifications on WordPress Themes using Child Themes

All you have to do is to create a folder for your child theme in wp-content/themes/ and in there create a style.css file like this one (Template):

 * Theme Name: Suffusion modified by Philipp Klaus
 * Template: suffusion
 * Description: a customized version...

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Table of Contents for WordPress Blog Posts with Markdown Markup

The TOC Generator Plugin does not work as it searches for HTML headings before the markup (in my case Markdown) is applied.

Markdown supports the [TOC] tag starting with Markdown version 2.0; untested though. Source: contains python source code for this.

More untested solutions include:

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Change the date of WordPress posts in an SQL Mass Update

When I programatically added most of the blog posts in this blog, I forgot to adjust the date and time of each post to its actual age. So I decided to set it via SQL directly in the database.

First I worked out a SELECT query to filter all the entries...

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HowTo use the WP-PostRatings Plugin with the Suffusion Theme

Make the file wp-content/themes/suffusion/single.php writable by running chmod 666 wp-content/themes/suffusion/single.php and go the the URL of your blog that ends with /wp-admin/theme-editor.php?file=/themes/suffusion/single.php&theme=Suffusion&dir=theme. Now look search the line with the content <?php suffusion_before_end_post(); ?> and add the following line below:


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Install WordPress on Ubuntu (Including Markdown Markup Support)

cd /var/www/
tar -xf latest.tar.gz
rm latest.tar.gz

Markdown for Wordpress
also nice but not working yet (at least on my installation):

Markdown is a great markup language for publications such as technical blogs as it keeps the structure of the text very readable, is...

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