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Enhancing and Enlarging the Bash History

Commands you enter on the Linux command line are valuable. They are part of your computer knowledge, you should remember them. If you don't, [Ctrl]-[r] will come to your rescue to search your Bash history for commands you entered in the past. But your Bash is forgetful by default. Only the very...

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The Bash

The Bash is probably the most important shell and scripting language in the world as it is included with almost any operating system (excl. MS Windows). The automation that can be achieved with very predictable results is great even though the complexity of the scripts is somehow limited. Doing calculations...

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Bash Aliases ( bashrc , bash_profile and bash_login )

Edit your ~/.bashrc :

alias firefox="open -a Firefox"
alias l="ls -l"
alias la="ls -la"

and reload the .bashrc file using . ~/.bashrc or source ~/.bashrc

You might want to add the following line to your ~/.bash_profile in order to get the ~/.bashrc loaded at the start of an interactive bash session:


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